One day workshop on
Quick Changeovers

Based on the famous
SMED Methodology!

Peterborough SMED Workshops in 2019

LEARN today, CHANGE your processes tomorrow!

Peterborough and the surrounding area is a thriving business hub, especially those in the business of manufacturing.

This is exactly why Sliding Paradigms Ltd and QuickChangeovers.com are offering a one day workshop on the subject of "Quick Changeovers". Some people need that face to face interaction, this workshop does not disappoint.

Peterborough Arms

Key points from the Workshop

This one day workshop is designed to teach you, through doing, so you can expect practical interactive activity as the day unfolds.

We will explore the value of short runs, low production inventory and how it can impact your business with rapid response times. You will learn simple practical methods for analysing your changeovers and setups, then how to identify the various wastes and build trial plans for testing new setups or changeovers.

It is well understood that long changeover times lead to large batches in production and poor time utilisation in many industries.

One day workshop on Quick Changeovers

Who Should Attend

Production managers, production supervisors, process engineers, continuous improvement personnel, shop floor team leaders, set-up personnel and operators from industries in Manufacturing, Distribution and Logistics.

Workshop Agenda

  • Introduction to Lean
  • Value Added vs None Value Added
  • Lean simulation exercise
  • 6S for an organised workplace
  • 6S exercise
  • Using data to find your biggest opportunity
  • Lunch
  • 8 Types of Waste
  • SMED
  • SMED exercise capturing the baseline
  • A “Real Case Study” using these tools
  • SMED Exercise “Hybrid SWCT” (Standard Work Combination Table)
  • The participant walks away with the knowledge and ability to apply these tools and methods in their workplace!


Paul Glenn, Director, Change Agent, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
Paul has brought rapid improvements for many process owners for more than 12 years and is passionate in sharing this knowledge and experience. Formerly one of the global CI team for the Prysmian Group, he travelled all over the world teaching, facilitating and mentoring people in the use of both Lean & Lean Six Sigma. A very hands on guy who enjoys helping people slide their paradigms.

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