What are Quick Changeovers?

Business savings through implementing quickchangeovers

Quick Changeovers will:

  • Shorten lead times
  • Remove waste from processes
  • Significantly reduce operational costs
  • Empower workforce
  • Create greater flexibility in working patterns and stock control
  • Set you apart from competitors.

Some of the largest organisations fail due to their business culture. When you have processes in your organisation that engage people such as a rhythm of Kaizen workshops, you will engage and move towards operational excellence.

Engage your people in Kaizen

Online Courses

This Change Course “Influence Change and Evolve your Paradigms.

Whoever you are if you sometimes struggle to cope with change, this course is perfect for you! For thousands of years, we have been hard-wired to resist change. Human beings by default don’t like or want to change.

The course Quick Changeovers has been proven in the field.

Learn a structured methodology for reducing the time needed to set up or change over from one process to another. Quick Changeover (SMED) workshops will help you reduce cycle times, lead time & save money.

Our Parent Company

Sliding Paradigms Ltd
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Sliding Paradigms Ltd is our parent website and business, this is where it all started. This is the face to face part, if you have a need for training or facilitation of continuous improvement methods and techniques, check out our other website, we can help with that! 

One Day Workshops

Workshop Agenda

  • Introduction to Lean
  • Value Added vs None Value Added
  • Lean simulation exercise
  • 6S for an organised workplace
  • 6S exercise
  • Using data to find your biggest opportunity
  • Lunch
  • 8 Types of Waste
  • SMED
  • SMED exercise capturing the baseline
  • A “Real Case Study” using these tools
  • SMED Exercise “Hybrid SWCT” (Standard Work Combination Table)
  • The participant walks away with the knowledge and ability to apply these tools and methods in their workplace!

Why enrol in our courses?

Time served expert instruction

With 28 years in manufacturing and over 12 years working 100% in continuous improvement, our instructor will guide you through to success.

Your choice, you decide

The beauty of learning online is you can pick it up and put it down when it fits into your life. No travelling to hotels or classrooms.

This training does not break the bank!

For the price of a night out, you get to tap into years of experience and knowledge, then apply it in the real world, your world.

Practical continuous improvement

All of our training courses are focused on helping you deliver strong, powerful continuous improvement methods into your working world.

Meet our Instructor

Paul Glenn and his wife Racheal Glenn
Our instructor Paul Glenn and his Wife Racheal

Paul Glenn, Change Agent & Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, is your instructor. He is the founder of Sliding Paradigms Ltd and QuickChangeovers.com, with a proven ability to deliver significant business improvements using people and team motivation techniques.
Previous experience in manufacturing and logistics with the ability to diversify this knowledge to other sectors, for example, healthcare and finance. Creating ambassadors within organisations, to cascade the positive message of Continuous Improvement, so they can help you drive Paradigm Slides.


I had the opportunity to witness Paul’s teaching skills during a Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement course and was amazed both times
Elizabeth Dietrich
Division HR Director
Paul is an excellent Change Agent and a nice person to work with; he is full of positive energy and knows how to bring this over to his customers
Frank Leenders
Global Program Mgr
There is something that makes Paul extra rare, Paul stood out in his energy, his enthusiasm and the way he was able to transfer to others
Eric Driessen
CEO Hittech Group
Paul is one of the best professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. He was one of the main pillars of my Global Manufacturing Team
Giacomo Sofia
COO North America
And counting

Number of students enrolled!

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